Our Story

Our StoryWindovative Design came about when Van Calvez, an engineer specializing in environmental sustainability, was working in his office researching ways to help slow global warming. Says Van, “I was sitting next to these big single pane windows in my office and it was wintertime and I was freezing! I just couldn’t get warm, no matter how much I turned the heat up. I got so mad, I said there just has to be a solution to these single pane windows. It seems insane to let this energy just ‘fly out the window’.”

Van brought this to his brother Jack Stinson, a master glazer with more than 30 years experience in the window business. Together they began researching all of the available products in the marketplace. What they discovered is that there was a real need for better solutions for improving the performance of existing single pane windows.

When they installed panels in Van’s home and office, they measured a 30% reduction in the wintertime electricity bill. Says Van, “These products really work! They make the living space so much more comfortable and quiet.”

Our StorySays Jack, “We realized that our big niche for these products is historic buildings, because people want to preserve and protect these beautiful, old windows. Our mission has become to find the best and most effective solutions for improving the energy performance of these historic, single pane windows.”

​Now we know that interior window panels do make a big difference in energy conservation, quiet and warmth. We have measured savings on the heating bills in the realm of 20%-50%. Furthermore, there are still about 1 billion single pane windows in the U.S. if all these single pane windows were weatherized in this way, this single improvement could reduce our nation’s carbon emissions by a significant, measurable amount (about 3-5%).