How Our Panels Work

What is an interior window panel?

An interior window panel is an additional layer of glass that is installed over the primary window. They are often called “interior storm windows” (though this term is not technically correct, you can’t protect against storms from the interior :)).  Interior window panels are like exterior storm windows except that they are designed to be installed from the interior of the building and are designed specifically for improving the performance of the primary window.

How do interior window panels compare to replacement windows?

Preservation Green Lab demonstrated that interior window panels can help a single pane window perform like a new replacement window, without replacing the window.

preservation green lab study_small

                          Click here to read the Window Preservation Study

How does an interior window panel work?

An interior window panel traps a pocket of air between the two layers of glazing. The interior window panels can be made to seal very tightly to stop drafts.

How does an interior window panel save energy?

Interior window panels save energy in two ways:
They insulate the window to dramatically reduce heat loss.
They create a tight weather seal to eliminate drafts.

What are the Benefits of Interior Window Panels?

  • Comfort. Improve warmth and comfort sitting by windows.
  • Quiet. Create quiet work and living spaces, reduce outside noise.
  • No Drafts. Our products eliminate drafts and air leaks.
  • Attractive. Our panels are designed to match historic building and “disappear in the window”.
  • Save Money. Our products can reduce heating bills by up to 50%.
  • Conserve energy. Our products eliminate waste and reduce carbon emissions​.